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Since 2006, VIE ET VIVRE has been involved in a number of activities to support children and both urban and rural Togo. Our main activities include:

  1. Helping young children to reach their full potential through development and education.
  2. Supporting capable, brilliant but needy children during their primary school education by providing academic resources necessary to support their primary training. We pay school fees, supply books, notebooks, computers, pens, pencils etc. We provide six year bursary to selected highest academic achievers in primary school.
  3. Working in partnership with educational bodies, communities and other institutions alike to offer the best possible solutions to children’s educational needs.
  4. Supplying medical equipments to local hospitals.
  5. Providing food to rural communities in deprived areas and presents to children at Christmas.

VIE ET VIVRE has recently (4th April 2011) began the construction of three classrooms and an office and 3 toilet units at the Sapé village primary school.


Build school in rural areas

VIE ET VIVRE is planning to build more classrooms and a school in other rural areas in Togo.

A message from the President, Afia Mala

The "Vie et Vivre" foundation is a vehicle that allows us to carry out a community service, by helping under privileged children. Since we learnt that the best investment for any country is that of education, schooling and healthcare for children and their mothers. We strongly believe that by working closely with underprivileged children is the most effective way of breaking the poverty cycle these children find themselves in. We need to ensure that there are sufficient funds available to provide logistical support and the required materials the help improve the lives of the many children who are suffering.

Welcome to "Vie et Vivre"

Long live the children and the parents of tomorrow.


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